Parent Feedback

  • "I thought you’d like to hear that Amélie is doing incredibly well in Yr 7 - she is in the top rank/expected outcome for all of her subjects, she is the Yr 7 maths champion, she is her Form rep for the year, and gets unfailingly positive comments from her teachers on her dedication and inquisitive nature and sharing of ideas. 
    We are so proud of her, and in very very large part it’s down to the tremendous work you and the GL team did in preparing her for this transition; given this was in the context of covid, I know it was even harder for you all. Thank you so much - we are very grateful!"
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a fantastic (and very difficult) job at managing the mental health of kids at school. It is such a hard job and many schools don't focus on this enough, but I personally really appreciate all of the thought you have put into supporting kids who were at school during lockdown and also who started school again 2 weeks ago.”

  • "(...) by saying there is no better primary school in Kingston than yours for music provision in no small part because of the effort you invest in the school. I wish there was a Jackie XXXX in every primary."

  • “They have really enjoyed being part of your little school, where they have made many friends and have been blessed with the loveliest teachers. I would sincerely like to thank the school and all your staff for everything. We were made to feel most welcome and are sad to leave.”