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Second Hand Uniform Exchange

What is it?

A second hand uniform service with over 1000 items of uniform in stock. All money raised goes to the school.

How to request uniform?

Email: [email protected] with details about what uniform items you need.

The team will reply & explain.

We charge £2 for jumpers/cardis & 50p for all other items.

We also run face to face sales at Friends events

How to donate uniform?

Drop off old or damaged uniform to the white tub in the school office. Items will be sorted for re-use. Any scrap clothes will be used for other projects (stained polos make white board wipes & thread bare trousers make pencil cases)

Hair and Jewellery

  • Haircuts should be graduated in design and no shorter than a number 3 using clippers.
  • Long hair should be tied back with a green, white or black hair tie. No large or colourful hair accessories please.
  • Pupils should not have dyed hair.
  • It is the expectation that haircuts are appropriate for a working environment, for example shaved designs are NOT considered to be appropriate for school.
  • No jewellery should be worn to school.
  • Child can have one piercing on each ear lobe and a plain small stud can be worn.
  • These should be removed for all sports and PE lessons.
  • If your child has pierced ears, and does not remove them, this is at your own risk.
  • Please sign a written disclaimer if you wish your child to keep their earrings in during sports/PE.
  • No nail varnish to be worn in school – pupils will be provided with the resources to remove nail polish should they come to school wearing it.

Non-Uniform Days

Throughout the school year there will be days when the children will be asked to come to school wearing clothes that are not their school uniform orPE kit.

We are mindful of the number of these days, their frequency and the reason for them (raising money for charity, showing support for an event etc).

On days when children are not wearing their uniform please make sure the clothes they wear to school support the children being active at playtime and lunchtime, are appropriate for the temperature, footwear must be secure around the ankles.

Younger children must still be able to manage the toilet independently. Clothes should also not have accessories etc that cause distraction during learning time.

All children have outdoor shoes to wear to support being active which they will continue to change into on these days.

Football kits are permitted.