Lockdowns can impact on the wellbeing of students and families, please find below a list of resources that you may find helpful.

Tips, advice and where to get support for your child's mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A website produced by the NHS with a range of help and advice for parents who may be concerned about their child’s mental health.

A wide range of resources which provide information to help your child understand how they might be feeling. They also offer a range of ideas of things that can be done to support wellbeing.

Fresh air, sunlight & exercise!

Exercise should be a key part of your daily routine, as should getting fresh air and sunlight. These things are important for physical and mental health, and again offer scope for doing activities as a family. If your child is well in themselves and able to, then they should be encouraged to be active for at least an hour each day. Try to encourage your child to spend time outside during their break and lunch time – even 5 minutes kicking a football in the garden or a walk around block will help lift their mood and help them to focus better on school work when they return

Here are a few things they might be able to do:

Please bear in mind that exercise can also mean things other than ‘working out', here are examples:

  • Help with the housework etc - scrub a floor, wash the walls, push the vacuum cleaner!

  • Help with the gardening

  • Walk the dog*

  • Walk to the shops for an elderly neighbour*

  • Dance!

* Please ensure that current guidance on social distancing is observed.