At Green Lane we adhere to the requirements of the National Curriculum and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching and learning, ensuring our pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education.

We regularly review our curriculum to ensure it continues to provide a rich and relevant experience.

Our coverage of all subjects, both core and complementary, is broad and thorough and delivered through a range of exciting topics.

Our pupils and parents help to shape the curriculum development by sharing their opinions through questionnaires and discussions.

Curriculum Intent

At Green Lane Primary and Nursery School our engaging curriculum is driven by the ambitions we hold for our pupils' future success and is underpinned by our school values of working hard, staying positive and being polite. We hold the highest aspirations for all, ‘nurturing potential in everyone.’

We intend our curriculum to:

  • instil in our pupils and staff a thirst for knowledge and a perseverance for learning

  • equip our pupils with the skills and disposition to become successful, independent learners

  • deliver our pupils the knowledge to master concepts across the full range of national curriculum subjects

  • expand our pupils’ vocabulary, allowing access to more rich and complex curriculum content

  • develop our pupils’ longer term memory, helping them to retain what they have learnt

  • encourage our pupils’ creativity and originality

  • expand our pupils’ communication skills, both in the spoken and written form

  • connect our pupils’ experiences, knowledge and skills to help make sense of the past, present and future

  • establish in our pupils the determination to pursue their ambitions and flourish

  • empower our pupils to problem solve, triumphing over adversity

  • grow compassionate pupils, proud of their uniqueness, who can build positive relationships and make a tangible contribution to society

Curriculum delivery across all subjects

At Green Lane Primary and Nursery School subjects are taught with the support of evidence based programmes of study. Full coverage of the National Curriculumand clear progression of skills and knowledge can be seen across the school and in all subjects. Every year group will experience a number of topics and projects, with pupils being able to answer a broad range of questions within each subject area.

The development of spoken language and vocabulary is central to learning at Green Lane. Topics and projects see children progress through stages of learning. Pupils are engaged at the start of a new project or topic through research and setting enquiry questions, memorable first-hand experiences and going on visits or inviting a special visitor into school. Throughout their learning pupils will improve their knowledge and understanding of subjects and how they link.

At Green Lane we value the importance of pupils being able to apply skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts. Pupils get inspired by imaginative and creative opportunities. They will be able to develop and practise their new skills and compose, make, do, build, investigate and explore. Pupils will also have lots of opportunities for writing for different purposes and reading across the curriculum.

By the end of a topic or project pupils become the performers, experts and informers. There are opportunities for pupils to share their achievements with parents, their peers and the wider community. Pupils evaluate their finished products, pieces of work and performances; making links to what they have learnt to where they started. At Green Lane achievements are celebrated.

Curriculum Delivery per subject


Reading and writing lie at the heart of the curriculum at Green Lane Primary and Nursery School. The nurturing environment enables us to teach our pupils the skill of writing in a systematic way from EYFS through to year 6. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers and we believe that reading is key for academic success. Green Lane Primary and Nursery School use evidence-based programmes of study to support delivery, such as 'Sounds Write' and the 'Write Stuff'. We ensure the full coverage of the National Curriculum and aim to raise the standards of every pupil's writing and reading skills.


Mathematics is an important part of everyday life at Green Lane Primary and Nursery School. The purpose of maths is to develop the ability to solve problems, reason, think logically and work systematically and accurately. We use the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics curriculum which provides a coherently sequenced maths curriculum. At Green Lane Primary and Nursery School we are ambitious for all our children and in turn, they are challenged to excel in maths.


The Science curriculum at Green Lane ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum, covering Working Scientifically and developing pupils' understanding of the nature, processes and methods of Science through different types of enquiries that help to answer scientific questions. The evidence based platform ‘Cornerstones’ supports the teaching and learning of this subject. A progressive model including mini projects and investigations develop and build on pupils' prior knowledge and skills and expand on pupils’ scientific vocabulary. In line with the whole school approach direct vocabulary instruction also takes place in Science.

Art & Design

The Art and Design curriculum at Green Lane is carefully sequenced according to skills development and ensures that the progression model is appropriate for all. It enables pupils to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour (and tone), texture, form, pattern, space, different materials and processes (including sculpture and monumental architecture). Topics and mini projects are delivered with the support of Cornerstones.

Design & Technology

Design and technology at Green Lane allows every child to express and develop their creative, technical and practical expertise. The Design Technology curriculum has its foundations and delivery supported by Cornerstones. This researched based programme includes mini projects supporting pupils to develop their ideas and express their ideas in a final product.


Green Lane pupils develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that they need in a constantly developing world. The curriculum package of 'Teach Computing', a live curriculum provided through Department for Education sponsorship and funding, ensures broad coverage for pupils.


Geography at Green Lane explores understanding about the world in which we live. The curriculum is a progressive model that inspires children’s curiosity and ensures that children are nurtured as it provokes and provides answers to questions about the natural, physical and human aspects of the world. The geography curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferable to other curriculum areas as well as developing children’s skills of interpreting a range of geographical information including maps, diagrams, photographs, sources and data. Cornerstones supports the delivery of the Geography curriculum. Children engage in the topic they are learning about through memorable first hand experiences, develop their knowledge and understanding and have opportunities to express their ideas at the end of the topic.


Our History curriculum aims to inspire and enable our pupils to find out more about the past, in order that they understand current events and issues better, and feel a sense of where they stand within the world’s history.


All children will engage in an ambitious curriculum using the researched principles of the Charanga Scheme. Pupils will build on prior knowledge through a spiral curriculum. Learning builds upon the four key elements of singing, listening, composing and performing. At Green Lane pupils will be given the opportunity to learn one or more instrument to a high level.

Physical Education

Pupils at Green Lane engage in a wide range of sports activities. They develop their resilience, stamina and sportsmanship through a spiral curriculum based on the Merton School Sport Partnership Programme. Pupils embed skills and knowledge and their enthusiasm, talent and passion is nurtured within an inclusive environment.

Personal, Social and Health Education

Through the PSHE curriculum pupils develop the skills to be good, kind, responsible citizens who are resilient and have high aspirations; a belief in themselves and the understanding that anything is possible if they put their mind to it. The PSHE Association supports the delivery of a robust well-planned and sequenced curriculum ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum. We embrace diversity and focus on what we have in common whilst simultaneously celebrating and learning about our differences. British Values are highly valued at Green Lane.

Religious Education

Religious education at Green Lane offers pupils the opportunity to broaden their minds and flourish as citizens in a pluralistic and global community. Green Lane is diverse and celebrates difference. At Green Lane we follow the Kingston SACRE syllabus in which content is progressive and knowledge and skills are carefully sequenced and embedded.

If you would like to find out more about the Cornerstones Curriculum, please visit their website at

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