Pearson's National Teaching Award

The Pearson National Teaching Awards have launched a new award category for 2021 – the ‘Lockdown Hero’. The Award aims to celebrate schools or individuals who have stepped up to support others despite the extraordinary challenges presented by lockdown.

Celebrating excellence in schools and colleges, the 2021 Teaching Awards also offer the chance to recognise the amazing work of schools, colleges and education professionals and the positive impact this has had on young people.

We are very proud to be receiving this Certificate of Excellence from Pearson's 2021 Lockdown Hero Award for:

Learner and Community Support

This fantastic achievement is a reflection of the dedication and hard work of all our members of staff during what has been an incredibly challenging time.

Certificate of Excellence awarded to Green Lane Primary and Nursery school Team from the Pearson's 2021 Lockdown Hero Award for Learner and Community Support